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“A book that will change your life for the better and help put everything into perspective. An amazing read…I wish I had read it thirty years ago.”

Jane Galvin, Managing Director

“Emma Pears writes with knowledge, passion, and experience…This book will help readers to ask questions that will give them some peace and direction. Enjoy the ride.”

Colleen McLaughlin, Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge

“If I had it in my power I would make sure everybody would read this book cover to cover, and in that way make the world a better place.”

Howard Moskowitz Ph.D, Multi-Award-Winning Psychophysicist, CEO, Mind Genomics Associates, Inc.

“If you care deeply about having a powerful impact and purposeful influence on those around you then this is a must read book…It is captivating and inspiring…”

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World President of Women’s Ministries, The Salvation Army

“Emma’s writing style is accessible yet lyrical, transporting the reader to far flung places and bringing characters to life on every page…. Emma explains the nuanced implications of what and how to think in a way that enables a more fulfilled life for us all.”

Fiona Murden, Psychologist and Award-Winning Author

Emma is a very accomplished person. In this book she gives us a surprisingly simple, effective and easy to implement process for thriving in a chaotic world as we build the life we long for. It’s also delightfully written.

Stewart Emery, Author of Best-Selling Success Built to Last

“This wonderful book is one you will pick up and won’t be able to put down!…I am recommending this book to all of my clients as a brilliant tool to calm your nervous system, to help improve mental and physical health.”

Simone Laubscher, Founder and Formulator of Rejuv Wellness, Formulator of Welleco for Elle Macpherson

“Such a simple yet powerful question. Emma’s tools and techniques can help us all live a happier life”

Gayle Lacey, Senior Leader

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