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What Does It Matter?

Put a pin in the balloon of your anxiety and grab a magnifying glass for the important stuff.

We can edit photographs by using filters; adjusting exposure, brilliance, colour, warmth, saturation and highlights to name a few. If we don’t trust our own judgement and creativity then we can even apply an ‘already made’ filter. We can make a scene look better than it is and turn a very average setting into a masterpiece.

I sometimes use filters in my own life. I can make something look much better or worse than it actually is.

‘What Does It Matter?’ Is a question we can ask ourselves in order to see things as they really are. We need to bring the important things into focus and blur those that do not deserve our full attention.

‘What Does It Matter?’ has served me exceptionally well as my everyday, ordinary filter.

It has helped to bring calm in moments of panic as well as guidance in bigger decisions. It has acted as a reality check, enabling me to resist the urge to apply a defensive or insecure filter and muster the courage to remove any unhelpful lens which I have purposefully or unwittingly applied.

When we see things for what they truly are we can put them into perspective.

I don’t want to fool myself to live in a way which I will regret, but rather to embrace the important stuff, allowing me to find refuge in peace, safety in rest and live with joy.

Asking ‘What Does It Matter?’ can help us reduce anxiety and regret by putting things in perspective.

Let’s take the pressure off and give ourselves a break! Not everything really matters but when we figure out what does, we can live more aligned to our values. We can live with more joy and less regret.

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